Puzzled Pint

The members of QuiPZ host the Zurich, Switzerland edition of Puzzled Pint, an English language social puzzle solving event which takes place at bars/pubs on the second Tuesday of every month in multiple cities around the world. Come and join us!

When and where?

You can find the date and location for the next Puzzled Pint event in Zurich on our events page. If you are based elsewhere then you may be able to find an event near you on the global Puzzled Pint website.

How punctual do I need to be?

It's all very casual, but someone will be available to hand out puzzles and hints during the times listed on the events page. Depending as to how seasoned a puzzler you are you can expect to take around 2 hours to work through all the puzzles, but you don't have to finish them all on the night (or at all).

Do I need a team?

Feel free to come alone and we'll help slot you into a team on the night, or bring along some friends.

How much does it cost?

Puzzled Pint is free to play. Any food and drink you choose to consume is on you, though (and if you feel like buying your friendly game controllers a drink then we aren't going to stop you).

What sort of puzzles are they?

If you have ever taken part in a Puzzle Hunt then you will have a good idea what to expect. The puzzles tend to have a number of parts and may incorporate traditional puzzles like crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, word play and logic problems. Even if you have never done anything like this before, if you like any sort of logic or word puzzle, or enjoy watching the TV show Only Connect you’ll like these.

To get a proper idea, you can download and try some puzzles from the archive.

Note: Puzzled Pint is a neither run by or sponsored by Quiz & Puzzle Club Zurich, but we do provide a free home for the Zurich website plus printing and hosting.